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Do You Long to Finally Get YOUR Book Written?

Is this you?

  • You have a new way of seeing an old problem. You're excited about the solution you’ve found and you know lots of people struggling to solve the same problem would benefit from your insights and ideas.

  • You have a story you want to tell about yourself, your family or something else - and you know it's a dynamite story that would be appreciated by many and probably teach a thing or two as well.

  • You've discovered a new sales method and want to share it with the world.

  • You’ve created a new business or reinterpreted an old one and want the world to know.
In other words, YOU’VE GOT A VISION!
  • And you know getting your new way of seeing, your story, your idea into a book is the best way to share your Vision with those who need and want it. 
In fact, getting a book written and published is the obvious solution to spreading the word and giving back to the world.

But... writing a book often seems, well,  complex and even daunting. It's hard to know how to get started and how to follow-through to the finish. In fact:

  • Writing a book seems overwhelming.  It’s not that you’re short of ideas; it’s getting those ideas down on paper and into book form that you find both confusing and, well, daunting.
  • You’ve tried reading books about writing books. Maybe you’ve tried following those directions but have somehow gotten bogged down in the details, or the details felt false to you.
  • Maybe you’re a professional writer earning your living, or most of it, writing for magazines or corporations or doing tech writing, or in some other way, but the sheer number of words required for a book has got you stumped, maybe even intimidated.

  • Or maybe you’ve never even tried to write for publication and yet, you still know you have a book in you.
  • Perhaps you tried a class about writing books the easy or quick way, but the formulas taught just don’t seem to apply to you and your dream.
  • Or maybe you’ve written some articles in hopes that chunking your vision down would let you grow a book, but it hasn’t worked that way. The articles are fine as far as they go but they don’t go far enough.

  • You may have even talked with a published author or two, asking them how they did it, only to come away more discouraged than ever.

Do any of these sound familiar? These and many others often act as barriers to getting your book written.

Which is why I created:

Getting Your Book Written With Vision & Spirit!

It's the 21 lesson Video Book Writing class you take online that will show you, step-by-step exactly what you need to do to get your book written.

Here are the 21 lessons:

1.    Introduction - To the class, the lessons and the member's forum - yes, you get a forum too when you sign up for the class.

2.    Vision Your Book – A nifty process that will enlarge your view of your book and ground it as well.

3.    Defining Your Book’s Purpose – Your book’s purpose tells you exactly what and why you're writing.

4.    Finding Your Ideal Reader - Yes, there are as many as three ideal readers. Find them and your writing and marketing will be easier and more effective.

5.    Create Your Working Table of Contents – Both organizes the book and helps you stay on track.

6.    Getting The Writing Done 1 - Ways to get started writing and keep with it so you actually get your book finished.

7.    Your ideal writing day / week - Designing your life so writing fits nicely into it.

8.    Making Long Manuscripts Work For You - Put those long files to work for you not the other way around.

9.    Getting The Writing Done 2 - More ways to keep writing and what to do when you get stuck.

10. Rewriting and Editing - Learning the difference and how not to get lost looking for perfection.

11. From Idea to Book – The actual steps involved in bringing a book to readers, from idea to distribution - trade and self-published.

12. Book Proposal Or Completed Book? - Great question - how to decide what's the right approach for your book.

13. What About Agents? - Do you need one? Want one? If you have one, what can you expect?

14. Write a Great Query Letter – A skill you need for stimulating sales in any form.

15. Know Your Rights – Copy and other rights. Protecting yourself and your work.

16. Trade Publishing and Self-Publishing Contrasted - Understand both so you can decide what works for you and your book.

17. Where Do Ebooks Fit In All Of This? - Ebooks are becoming more important every day, almost. Find out what this means for your book.

18. You’ve Got To Market Your Book - Yes, you do. Here's how to think about that in ways that will make it possible for you to do well.

19. Would a Ghostwriter help? - Ghosts have a long and honored history. Would one work for you? What you need to know before you contract with one.

20. Would a Writing Coach help?  A writing coach might be just what you need. What you might expect from one and what you need to know to contract with one.

21. Finding an Agent or A Publisher - How to go about finding one or the other – and why it’s never (almost) both.

In addition to the 21 videos which are yours to keep you'll receive each lesson in text form as a .PDF file.

You'll also receive membership in the exclusive Getting Your Book Written forum for 12 full months plus 5 phone calls with Anne and your fellow classmates. And yes, there are some ebook bonuses.

 Soo... What's It Cost?

Want the bottom line? The whole class, complete with videos, written lessons, membership forum, telephone calls and bonuses normally costs $42.95 a month...

BUT for a limited time and for those of you who register quickly, you'll pay only $29.95 a month - a savings of $117 over the life of the course! You'll be billed $29.95 when you sign up and $29.95 each month for 8 more months until a total of $269.55 is paid - that's right, all this for less than $300.00.

Will the class work for you?

It will, if you have these values:

  • You know your dream of getting a book written can make a positive contribution to the world. Your desire to write a book is part of your heart's journey.
  • You have a unique perspective. And you want to share that perspective with the world.
  • You know there is more going on in the world than you can see or prove. Somehow you know, maybe in a formal way, or maybe just in the quiet of your being, that what we see and experience in the physical world is only part of the story.  You believe in God, the Divine, a Higher Power of some sort, or have some experience or understanding that our spiritual natures, whatever you call them, are real and important.
  • You are willing to get help. You know that it rarely works to go it alone, and that getting help is one of the best ways you can bring your dream to fruition.
  • You are willing to invest in your dream. You know your dream has real value and you're willing to nourish it with the right investments.

If this is you, enroll now in:

Getting Your Book Written With Vision & Spirit

Overview | The Lessons| Will The Class Work For You? |Bonuses | FAQ | What's It Cost? | REGISTER NOW!

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